Spiky (Neuromorpher Chip)

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In Bearbeitung...schreib selber etwas... deine Erfahrungen, deine Experimente...



Der FP-Versuch "Neuromorphes Rechnen" (F09/10) http://www.physi.uni-heidelberg.de/Einrichtungen/FP/versuche/anleitungen.php

Spikey School: https://electronicvisions.github.io/hbp-sp9-guidebook/pm/spikey.html


Durch die Arbeitsgruppe von Herrn Meier wurde dem Werkraum zugang zum Spikey, einem Neuromorphen Chip, ermöglicht.

Die Zugangsdaten müssen beim Tutor eingeholt werden.

Auszug aus der Einleitungs-Mail und der Anleitung https://electronicvisions.github.io/hbp-sp9-guidebook/pm/spikey/setup_software.html:

You can log in on our host system via

$ ssh [username]@gitviz.kip.uni-heidelberg.de -p 7022

To use the Spikey system, it is necessary to first load a module. This is done via:

$ module load spikey/github_20170119

Some demo scripts are found in your home directory:

$ cd spikey_demo/networks

You can run a minimal example network via

$ srun -p spikey --gres station538 python example.py

The script "example.py" runs the following network of two neurons: Hardware neuron A is stimulated by two populations of excitatory and inhibitory inputs. Hardware neuron B is exclusively stimulated by hardware neuron A. For neuron A, the spikes are recorded. For neuron B, the membrane potential is recorded. The results are visualized in the file "example.png" after experiment execution.

I hope it is okay for you to share the station538-system with a few other remote users. This could occasionally delay experiment execution by a few seconds.